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Take on the challenge and thrill of hunting with tours from Dan Sailors Master Guide. We offer unguided caribou hunting and outfitted tours. Determine which one is right for you and head into the wilderness for an exhilarating experience.

Air Taxi

Hop aboard for a trip into Alaska's natural beauty with our air taxi service. We can put you in position to capture beautiful photos or go for a nice hike through relaxing scenery.

Proudly Serving Aniak and Brooke's Range, Alaska

Who We Are

Dan Sailors Master Guide in Aniak, Alaska, offers hunting tours and other exciting services to Aniak and Brooke's Range clients. The master guide, Dan Sailors, has been flying and hosting tour packages in Alaska since 1966 and has 24,000 accident-free hours in that time. He knows where and how to find caribou, no matter where the weather and seasonal shifts may push them.

Dan's knowledge of the area is unmatched by anyone else, ensuring you are in good hands when he leads you into the wilderness. Whether the caribou are high in the mountains or hanging out by the Arctic Ocean, Dan will lead you to the hunt every time. 

Contact us in Aniak, Alaska, for more information regarding our hunting tours.